Reese Unlimited

Those of you who have already listened to last week’s edition of The Book Cave will already know about this but for the rest of you….

Pro Se Productions will now be releasing my books under a separate imprint, Reese Unlimited. What does that mean? For you, not all that much, really. Basically, I’ll be overseeing the imprint and will be seeking out other writers to create stories set in the universe that contains The Rook, Lazarus Gray, Eobard Grace, and most of my other creations. For instance, Rook Volumes 7-9 are going to be written by Tommy Hancock and I’d like to do an anthology of Rook stories written by other authors at some point. I will oversee the expansion of this universe and will continue to do the bulk of the writing for it myself — I won’t be editing my own books, of course — the Pro Se gang will be handling that. And Reese Unlimited is still under the Pro Se umbrella.

About the name — Tommy and I spent days arguing over what to call it. He wanted my name in it somehow but I felt that was a little egotistical… but in the end, he shot down my favorite (Passive Aggressive Press, named because of Matt Moring’s statements about me, lol) and we went with Reese Unlimited.

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray should be the first book published under this imprint.

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