I’ll be a guest on The Book Cave next week, talking about The Rook Volume Six. It’s always great fun to chat with Ric and Art — and this time I’ll be joined by Pro Se’s publisher, Tommy Hancock. I’ll update everybody when the podcast is ready for downloading.

Slowed by a cold right now but work is continuing on my various projects.

As a little aside, the guy at left is named Catalyst. He made his Rook universe debut in a self-titled story that ran in The Rook Volume Three and later joined the loose confederation known as The Claws of the Rook. He’s actually one of my oldest characters — I created him back in 1985 and though his origin has been tweaked over time, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to finally get him into print. Maybe you’ll see Mr. Nathaniel Caine in the future in a project of his own…..

Artwork by Anthony Castrillo

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