The Knife of Elohim… and Dragon*Con

So I was providing some reference to a superstar comics artist who will be doing a Rook cover and I thought I’d share them with you. One of The Rook’s weapons in his arsenal is The Knife of Elohim, which was bathed in the blood of Christ. This blade now glows in the presence of evil and does increased damage against occult-powered enemies. The Knife was introduced in “Lucifer’s Cage” (the first story in The Rook Volume One) and a lot more details about its  history were revealed in “The Bleeding Hells” (The Rook Volume Three). There are runes on the side of the blade, which you can see in these two details by Storn Cook and Norm Breyfogle:

In other news, I’ll be at Dragon*Con this weekend so if you’re in Atlanta, look for me and say hi. There probably won’t be much in the way of updates until the Con is over.

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