Weekly Sales Check

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It’s Monday so it’s time to mosey on over to Amazon..com and see what’s selling. If you haven’t bought any of my books before, now’s your chance! You may love them. You may hate them. But you won’t be paying $30 for a paperback like you might from some publishers… I  may not be a great writer but at least I’m a cheap read!

The bestselling Barry Reese titles on Amazon.com are:

1) How the West Was Weird

2) Mystery Men (& Women)

3) How the West Was Weird, Volume Two

4) The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files

5) The Rook Volume Six

Interesting to see Mystery Men showing up — this is the first time it’s been in the Top 5 for me. I have a story featuring a character named Dusk in that one. A female Shadow type. It was fun.

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