Lately it seems like I’m winning new converts everywhere I go — Not! I took some flak for mentioning publishers by name in a review of the new Doc Savage book. I gave the book a great review (it’s really, really good) but I took issue with the book’s pricing and mentioned various publishers that had pricing points that I felt were too high and some that I felt were just right. Folks didn’t like that. So when Mike Bullock brought up a new Table Talk topic on the issue of pricing, I mentioned that I didn’t win any friends the last time but like an idiot, I went into the conversation anyway 🙂

This time I didn’t mention any publisher by name but it was obvious who I was referencing — Altus Press, who published the Doc book. I said I felt the pricing was inane and that it felt like a ripoff to pay $24.95 for a paperback book. We then talked about other aspects of pricing, including that of e-books. Matt Moring, publisher of Altus Press, took great offense to my words and called me out for them, even going so far as to question my bravery since I didn’t mention his company by name.

Name folks and you’re damned, don’t name them and you’re damned again.

Anyway, Matt made it quite clear that he’d never heard of me, which meant I didn’t know anything I was talking about. Oh, well. I guess that kills that Barry Reese retrospective I was hoping Altus would publish. I ended up writing up a lengthy reply to Matt’s post and hopefully he’ll read it. I like the books that Altus puts out. I’ve bought quite a few (the Doc one – and I’ll continue to support the series ’cause it’s Doc, the Seekay book and the Crimson Mask one come immediately to mind). My only point was that I feel — in my personal opinion — that they’re overpriced. I never told anyone not to go buy their books. I just said I don’t buy as many as I would otherwise because of the price. That’s my PERSONAL decision.

And then there was all the mess with ThePulpNet and The Pulpster, which basically said that all New Pulp was fan fiction. That debate not only took place here but on ThePulpNet’s site and Facebook.

I’m not looking for fights, believe me. They sap my enthusiasm for writing. But when people ask my opinion, I give it. Maybe that’s my mistake.

I  hope that things will calm down now and I can go back to telling you all about the cool stuff I have coming up. If you’re new to the site (drawn here by the controversy), maybe you’ll pick up The Rook Volume Six or The Damned Thing and give me a try. Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe you’ll hate it. I’m hoping for the former 😉

By the way, the art accompanying this post is by George Sellas and features Eun Jiwon, one of the members of Assistance Unlimited. Look for book one in the Lazarus Gray series from Pro Se soon.

Take Care, folks! We only live once (that I know of) and we all love Pulp. If nothing else, maybe that will bind us together.

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