New Pulp Recommendations

There are several books out right now that I can’t recommend enough if you’re looking for quality New Pulp:

1) YesterYear by Tommy Hancock – A superhero/pulp genre smashup, this is Watchmen-style mystery set alongside analogues of classic heroes.

2) Doc Savage: The Desert Demons by Will Murray – The pricing is outrageous so you might want to look for it cheaper somewhere. Still, it’s a new Doc Savage novel and it’s a great read.

3) Pulp Heroes – Khan Dynasty by Wayne Reinagel – This is my favorite of Wayne’s works, which are beyond epic and incorporate various real-life figures into the adventure.

4) The Hounds of Hell by Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner – The first New Pulp novel I read and the one that told me that it was okay to write new stories in the classic style. Moon Man vs. Doctor Satan! ‘Nuff said!

5) Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell by Derrick Ferguson – Actually the second book in the series but you can start here with no problem. I love this book.

I could go on all day recommending new books but those four are some of the ones I’d push straight into the hands of New Pulp aficionados.

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