Updating Classic Heroes

It’s always a touchy subject when you talk about reviving classic heroes — how much do you modernize them without losing the core of what they were? I’ve taken several different approaches, depending upon the characters and the project. At times, I’ve tried to change absolutely nothing… on other occasions, I’ve taken the original conception of the character and used that as a springboard. I try to never insult or demean the characters as they were originally portrayed — even when I make changes, I’m trying to build upon the foundations laid by the creators and maybe add layers that simply weren’t possible or acceptable back in the golden age of pulp.

Lately, I’ve been doing some tinkering with a classic hero that I’ve used before but not in this way. I’m keeping all the original elements intact but revealing that there may be much more to the story than we were every shown before. I love creating my own characters but there’s a real joy to adding to a pre-existing legend, as well.

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