Lazarus Gray Volume Three

I’ve begun work on the third book in the Lazarus Gray series — what’s that, you say? Where’s Volumes One and Two? Ah, welcome to the joys of publishing! Writers are generally pretty far ahead of the actual publishing schedule so frequently I’ll be doing promotion for a new release that I wrote at least a year before — and I’ll be currently working on a book that won’t be released for 1-2 more years. Lazarus Gray Volume One is in the hands of Pro Se Productions and should be released in September 2011. Volume Two (the novel DIE GLOCKE) is penciled in for a January 2012 release.

And I’m about to start the third volume when none of you have read the first! Trust me, though, this set of characters (Lazarus and his friends in Assistance Unlimited) are going to be worth the wait. Someday, I expect them to be neck-in-neck with The Rook in terms of popularity.

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