Another Review for The Rook Volume Six!

Over at a user by the name of Bittergreen has posted a review of The Rook Volume Six – he or she gives it a perfect score (5 out of 5):

“There’s a lot of story packed into this book comprised of three separate tales. Plenty of good old fashioned action and adventure in the breathtaking tradition of the classic pulps, with a New Pulp sensibility for today’s readers, and characters who are larger than life as well as fascinating. It’s a testament to the skill of author Barry Reese that you can pick up this volume first and not feel lost with the background details surrounding Max Davies (AKA The Rook). In fact in the end there is a timeline, which very much helps place the events mentioned in the framework of past and future tales. The addition of a final story featuring a team up between The Rook and Lazarus Gray with his  Assistance Unlimited team–which are characters also written by Barry Reese in a setting he helped create for a Pro Se Productions’ Sovereign City series–was my favorite of the three. All told, a worthy addition to an ongoing list of books in print by this popular New Pulp author. “

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