My Favorites

I sometimes get asked about what books of my own are my favorites. It’s always a tough question to answer since I have a love/hate relationship with everything I write. For every good thing I see in them, I can point out another forty things that I completely screwed up. But if I were forced to choose, there are certain books that I guess I’m happier with than others: RABBIT HEART, THE DAMNED THING, THE ROOK VOLUME FOUR, THE ROOK VOLUME SIX (out now!) and LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME ONE are all pretty examples of my skill (or lack thereof). On the flip side, if I had to name my least-favorite book I’ve done, that would be THE ROOK VOLUME FIVE. I wish I could say I’d been drinking when I wrote that one but honestly, there’s just no excuse. At least I bounced back with the sixth book in the series!

The image at left is from THE DAMNED THING, by the way, and was drawn by the talented Kevin Dale Duncan.

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